"ASFSMI is Established in 2013" and Fendi Replica Handbags situated in a very clam and quiet atmosphere, at the Hindaun City (Karauli). The curriculum is designed with regular practical and technical visits. Students are regularly exposed to various fire fighting appliances and equipment's. To cater the needs of the outstation Replica Balenciaga Bags students separate hired hostels and quality mess facilities for boys and girls are provided at reasonable rates. ASFSMI is mainly focuses on the innovative approach to Fire Engineering and Safety Management. It has very noble cause of fulfilling the need of our society and country by providing effective education and highest standard training to the students in this field, resulting ultimately into Replica Celine Handbags the reduction of the previous human life and valued property loss due to Fire. ASFSMI is continuously striving to achieve this goal Prada Replica Handbags by conducting various courses with extensive practical/technical visits/Attachment Training Programs.


Foundation of a society that went on to win the respect and admiration Hermes Replica Handbag of students as well as other Institutes. The high standard of education imparted at the different Institutes in the fields of Engineering, Management, Architecture, Computer Applications and Management, has proved to be the fife line for many Replica Bottega Veneta Bags successful careers.



Director Message

Dear Students,
It is said that where there is a will there is a way. So if you are determined, we will provide you the best way to walk and become a milestone. The ASFSMI offers you a brilliant career opportunity with exposition of latest scientific and technical development in the field of Safety Management, Fire Engineering, Health and Environmental Engineering and Disaster Management. We encourage your scientific propensity with our integrated approach to the cutting edge.

Our innovative curriculum is designed to battle with the hazards arising in the sensitive field of industry. The competent faculty members will lead you in the field of different trade concerned. We do not merely train the students but also provide them a sound assistant. So, sail with us through the ocean of life with best wishes. Mr. Naulakh Singh Dagur

Co-admin Message

Dear Students,
The degree program aims at producing complete Fire and Safety Professionals with the requisite theoretical as well as practical knowledge base. Managerial and communication skills are inculcated in the students through regular's seminars, workshops and guest lectures. In order to provide strong practical work foundation, an entire semester is devoted to practical training, in addition to the customary six semesters in the college.

The curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever-changing demands of Fire Technology , with the necessary inputs from the industry. The college aspires to produce individuals equipped to contribute for progress at all levels – Individual, nation and global. Mr. Shyamveer Singh Dagur