Practical training

As per syllabus course structure are designed and practical fire drill& demonstration gives to student to encourage build up their fire fighting courageous knowledge.

Drills and practical training contained as follow:
1. Fire squad drill parade & PT.
2. Fire extinguisher operation cars &maintenance with construction knowledge.
3. Fire hose pipe drill, Hydrant drill.
4. Pump & pump operation drill, Fire tender drill (mounting)
5. Ladder drill (climbing & crew will hose pipe line position).
6. Fire casualty rescue operation drill. Fire salvages parade.
7. Fire first & aid as medical bandage practical.
8. Ambulance parade (causality structure loading &uploading)
9. Wearing an operational procedure of B.A. set/ Fire suit.
10. Fixed firefighting installation practical(Hydrant system)
11. Live fire demonstration.

Industrial in plant training & placements

Today's industrial network of this world there's a rapid increase in demand of engineers & technology.

ASFSMI make their students to resize his potential as a professional engineer. It has a curriculum challenging; result oriented & complete designed to meet the requirements of 21st century. Our placement cell so actively associated with the practical inputs in various discipline's from the industry and our students are getting theoretical & practical inputs in various disciplines during in plant training. The students undergo the shop floor in plant training programme within fire station Nagar Parishad Hindaun City or Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The placement department provider's career resources for students who seeks in plant training as a part of curriculum with the students is ultimately responsible for securing this own jobs ASFSMI provide resources ,contact & information to help student to determine career plans that create individual interests, background & goal . This is really encouraging & motivates us to try still harder. We hereby welcome valuable inputs from all our well-wishers to translate these efforts into spectacular & on-going success story.